Always looking up

These cute little burrowing owls are looking out for predators. If anything looks suspect, they run back into their burrows. We don’t have any living in the Tampa Bay area so on a recent trip to see Brett’s relatives that live near Fort Lauderdale, we stopped by a sports park on the way that is known for having the little owls living there year round. It was the beginning of nesting season so they were all sticking close to the burrows. Many might have had eggs already in them. While Brett sat in the car and answered emails (it was a Friday after all), I ran around and took all of the above. All were taken with my 300mm with extender and cropped up.

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5 thoughts on “Always looking up

  1. I’ve always loved owls…to the extent that, at one time, my brother counted 50 owl and owlet ornaments in my one-bedroom apartment, and I realized that fondness had turned into something like obsession.
    Wiser now, I hope. Thanks for sharing your owlets.
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