South Florida

Late afternoon on Hallandale Beach, north of Miami. A quick walk before dinner.

Things on the beach. The beach was littered with Portuguese man o’ wars. I would not want to come close to one of these in the water. They are known to have a painful sting.

Tile on the walkway and hibiscus near the parking lot.

Big boats are common along the inter-coastal waterway.

Heading home before crossing Alligator Alley.

Some parting shots from our quick trip to south Florida to visit Brett’s relatives.

SkyWatch Friday

The land of fruits and nuts

More pictures from my trip to the Fruit and Spice Park in south Miami. Lots of different things growing there. I did learn that you could tell the difference between edible and non-edible banana plants by the bloom. If the bloom is growing up, the bananas are not edible and are just ornamental. Has anyone else ever heard that before?

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A trip down south (south Florida)

Every year in the winter Brett and I head down to the Miami area for a long weekend to visit some relatives before it gets too hot. This past February we were looking for something to do with his aunt and uncle and were going to be close to Homestead one afternoon so we stopped at the Fruit and Spice Park.  We were way down south of Miami right before heading to the Keys. Lots of farmland down there. The park is a farm that grows different exotic spices and fruits that you can tour. We took a long tram ride with a guide who explained all of the different plants that are farmed there. We got to taste and smell some of them. It was a nice way to relax and spend the afternoon outdoors and I took a ton of pictures.

The above Rainbow Gum tree was very cool. As the bark peels off, it exposes different colors. It can only be grown in frost-free areas of the country.

There were lots of critters crawling around from the pretty green lizard to the big iguanas. The kids on the tram went crazy over them and we stopped and were allowed to get pretty close.

More to come on this trip down “south”.

SkyWatch Friday

Blue skies and seaweed filled beaches – Skywatch Friday

Walking down Hallendale Beach, just north of Miami, I noticed how the tall buildings blocked the sun as it was going down late in the afternoon. There would be a spot of sun and then a spot of shade over and over again.  I have to brag that while the water looked greener than our water over on the gulf, our beaches are much prettier. The sand on the gulf side is whiter and more like flour.

Looking south towards Miami.

These bright blue fish were swimming right along the shoreline. They had big eyes.

My first portuguese man o war washed up on the beach. It’s really pretty. I actually knew what this was because I had recently read about it on Blog The Beach. I explained to my hubby how it’s not really a jellyfish but a group of organisms that live together. He was like “What a nerd.” I don’t know if these are found on the gulf side. I’ve only heard of them over on the Atlantic side.

Hubby and I had a few hours to kill before dinner with his relatives in south Florida so we headed over to the beach for a long walk.

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