Those tiny grumpy owls

Brett and I took a trip to the Fort Lauderdale area to visit his relatives for the weekend. Sunday morning we got up early and went over to nearby Brian Piccolo Park to see the burrowing owls. It was early May and any babies should be big enough to be out of the nest (or burrow). The park is a busy ball park with baseball fields, soccer fields, bike tracks and other sports but the owls live among the fields and have been here for a long time. The burrows are all roped off so they are easy to spot. And, there is usually an owl sitting out of each of the them.

These were all taken from the parking lots with my 400mm lens and cropped up. There were a lot of owls out this morning.

I only saw 2 burrows with babies and they were almost as big as the parents. They still had some fuzz around their heads but otherwise looked like adults. We didn’t stay too long since we had to get back and get ready for lunch with the family.

7 thoughts on “Those tiny grumpy owls

  1. Those owls were certainly out in good numbers for your brief visit. Since moving to Connecticut from south Florida , I miss being able to take a 10 minute drive to see the Burrowing Owls.

  2. My astute, loving bride finished your wonderfully illustrated post and remarked: “Those owls are like you. Grumpy but really adorable.”.

    We’ve been fortunate to have breeding Burrowing Owls in several areas of Polk County. It’s always a treat to visit with them.

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