Lots of the same at Chesnut Park

Lots of deer in early January.

Lots of squirrels but that bottom looks a little rough.

Lots of little birds but nothing new.

Red shoulder hawks hiding along the trails.

Eagles flying far away across the lake. Both an adult and a juvenile.

Found these two ducks at a quiet end of a pond. I’m thinking they are pets that got dumped here. Someone left food in a small plastic container. I just hope they know enough to stay away from the gators.

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6 thoughts on “Lots of the same at Chesnut Park

  1. Most all of these critters are common to Northwest Arkansas as well. The deer are most visible in the fall and again in early spring. The eagles have been everywhere this winter. The hawks show up in late September and stay around until late spring. Palliated woodpeckers are among my favorite woodland birds because of that Woody Woodpecker doo. Great looking set of images. Have a blessed week.

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