Heartbreak in the backyard

I was watering some hanging plants right before dark in the backyard when I noticed this face peeking out of my neighbor’s dead palm tree.  The house next door had been empty for at least 2 years.  I think the lady that lived there was now in a nursing home. This was the first time I had seen a screech owl in our neighborhood.

Over the next two weeks I was able to catch the above.  He (or she) would stick his head out right before dark. In the last two shots, he woke up earlier during the late afternoon. I would sneak around the backyard and hide behind a short palm tree to get pictures. I didn’t want to scare him away.

After 3 weeks of peeking out the side window right before dark every night, I came home from work and saw that the dead palm tree was gone.  I ran outside and realized my neighbor’s entire backyard had been gutted and cleaned up.  I was heartbroken. After 2 years it gets cleaned up now???  Then I heard a peep and saw the owl sitting in a palm tree that was still standing next door. He was looking at me like “Where’d my bed go?” I would assume he was sleeping when someone came in and started to saw the tree down. He must have flown out in panic. I can only hope he didn’t have eggs in there yet. I had not heard any baby noises yet. I stood there in the backyard crushed that my new friend had lost it’s home. I never saw him again after these shots were taken. I’m sure he moved on. I don’t know if it’s too late to put up a nest box  in our yard.

Other critters in the backyard.

I was able to catch the sunset in the backyard while I was trying to get shots of the owl.  One night I caught this rainbow driving into my neighborhood.

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7 thoughts on “Heartbreak in the backyard

  1. I always enjoy your photos, Dina, even though I don’t usually comment. They always add smiles to my day and a breath of fresh air to my soul. But oh, how very sad that the owl’s home was taken away. 🙁 Thank you for always sharing your awesome photos with us! Blessings!

  2. Oh that I so sad! How we destroy their world and don’t even realize it. The owl did have a great friend in you…if you had only known! I hope he found a new home nearby. You got some GREAT photos! I would be thrilled to have an owl in my yard!

  3. oh…i am so sorry to hear this!! i am glad you were able to get those priceless shots…
    join me, won’t you, on Friday’s for …just BE. share a photo that inspires you to just BE.
    thanks for your consideration.
    just BE.

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