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Hanging out with some fowl.

Lots of pretty colors at the pond at Horsepower For Kids. Fighting over the ladies. It’s a good thing they can swim or else they would drown.

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More fun at the horse farm

Eating breakfast, very sloooowly! Funny faces. Pretty faces. Crazy rooster in mid-air. Color coordinated shelducks. The prettiest guy there. (He knows it too.) Spent a Sunday afternoon at Horsepower for Kids hanging out with the fowl.

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Funny things at the zoo

Fun shots of my recent trip to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.

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So many babies, so little time – at Lake Mirror

So many babies, so little time.  This seems to be a big baby duck year. I’m seeing big families everywhere.  Getting them all lined up for a family portrait wasn’t easy. The babies are very curious and were running around … Continue reading

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More from Lake Morton

A young stork that looks like an old soul. Besides the swans, both geese and ducks were nesting all around the lake. Things were still getting frisky so more babies to come. A wood duck couple were sleeping on the … Continue reading

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Ducks on the farm

Pretty hybrid mallard saw me and came running over to give me a hug. “Oh wait, I thought you were someone else.” More crazy mallards showing off. A lone wood stork hung out with the ducks when people were feeding … Continue reading

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Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham

Views of downtown Birmingham from Railroad Park. The park opened in 2010 on a railroad corridor site once used as a freight depot. It’s a fun little park but trains come by pretty regularly. Lots of interesting things there. The big … Continue reading

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Funny fowl

Some of the funny fowl at Horsepower for Kids. 

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Things around a local lake.

The usual ducks and geese around the lake. Big footed baby moorhens growing up around the lake. Pretty pigeon with pink feet. Checking me out. Cool trees. Crescent Lake Park is close to downtown St. Petersburg. It’s a small lake … Continue reading

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Pretty things at Hollis Gardens

Pretty things at Hollis Gardens in Lakeland.

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