Party in the marsh


This spring we had a drought here in central Florida. The marshes at Circle B Bar Reserve had all dried up except for a tiny few spots. This one marsh still had some water in it so all of the birds were feeding in the same spot. I guess the bugs were plentiful in this spot. I’m not sure how long they stayed there feeding but the morning I was there in late April they were packed in and fighting over space. The crowd was mostly great egrets, snowy egrets and spoonbills but there were a few tricolored herons, little blue herons, great blue herons and green herons.  Oh, also glossy ibis, white ibis and wood storks. It’s been years since we’ve seen that many water birds congregate like that so everyone was taking tons of pictures including me.

4 thoughts on “Party in the marsh

  1. What a sight! I have not been to Circle B Bar Reserve, but I just added it to my list of places to visit this month. Thanks for sharing! Did you get any photos of the Glossy Ibis? I still have yet to cross the Gloss Ibis off my list?

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