Stuff in the swamp

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Saw this gator chomping on a fish.




Pretty green lizards.



Another reason to stay away from the squirrels. The bottom pictures shows a big sore near his back.  This is a botfly bite. I won’t gross you out with the details. It doesn’t kill the squirrels but is probably just very itchy and annoying.  Eventually it should heal. I see these sores a lot on the squirrels in the summer.


A fancy lunch left over by the limpkins.


I think this is some type of cicada. He was making a lot of  noise for such a tiny bug.


Pretty in the swamp.

All from a July walk at Lettuce Lake Park.

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4 thoughts on “Stuff in the swamp

  1. Great captures, Dina! I love Anole Lizards! Poor squirrel, he doesn’t look too healthy. Your little green bug looks like a katydid. They can be loud! Nice walk, thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!

  2. looks like an armored catfish the gator is eating, and they’re invasive, so cool! Love green anole’s, they’ve got intelligent looking eyes. Sometimes I wonder if they are more intelligent than the brown anole’s lol.

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