Summer nights in Tampa

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I peaked out the window and saw some dark clouds moving in. I grabbed my phone and ran out to the backyard.  I kept hearing crashing coming from the front yard so I ran around to the front and got the shot of the lightning. The night storms have been crazy lately in the beginning of August.



The next night I drove home in pouring rain and by the time I got home the sky looked like the above in the backyard.



On the way home from work I stopped at a parking deck right off the bridge to take the above.  Looking towards downtown Tampa, it was beautiful blue skies. When I turned around, the big storm was moving across the bay. I had just driven through that.

All of the above were taking with my phone.

SkyWatch Friday

11 thoughts on “Summer nights in Tampa

  1. Glad you got home okay. I have been reading about all the weather down there. That is an amazing photo of the lightning strike, especially knowing that it was taken with your cell phone. Amazing series of photos.

  2. My brother always insisted that the clouds down in Florida were special. Your shots seem to support his contention. Great all around [cell phone] shots!! Kudos.

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