Sometimes a 10 minute stop can be productive.


Drippy ducks.


“She’s showing off her booty!” he said.


Showing off.


“Let’s go for a swim, lady.”


“Wait, come back eagle.” I said


Watching the practice game.


Cruising by at sunset.


Pretty in pink.


Thirsty plants?


Nosy neighborhood kitty.

There’s a little pond right next to a busy intersection. There’s a church, school, trailer park and office building surrounding it.  A paved trail runs around the pond but I was too lazy to walk all the way around. I drove my car to the little parking lot along the pond and got out. Walked 5 feet and snapped all of the above. The sun was starting to go down behind the trees and I was going to be late for a dinner date so I only stayed for 10 minutes. I had heard there were some fun ducks there. I found the above plus some canvasbacks, gadwalls and red breasted mergansers. More on those later.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes a 10 minute stop can be productive.

  1. You’re right! A nice 10 minutes. #2 is my favorite. You have an eagle? I’ve only seen eagles on the turnpike around Orlando. I’m not visiting the right parks.

  2. Cute series and captions on the ducks. And great sighting of the eagle.. The kitty looks like a sweetie.. Great collection of images.. Thank you so much for joining in with my critter party. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Wow pretty great captures for a quick park. And an eagle, haven’t seen one of those since I was in Alaska years ago!!

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