Rush hour feeding time on the lake.






Yes, I took pictures of white pelicans into the sun. I was standing on the dock over the big lake at Circle B Bar Reserve in January when I saw these white dots far across the lake. After taking a water and rest break, I looked up and saw a handful of the pelicans coming towards the dock. There must have been a thousand of them in the lake. Some flew high up and over the trees and some flew low just a short ways and dropped back in the water. The weird thing was how they were taking off in stages. Not the entire flock all at one time. They seemed to be moving slowly across the lake and feeding at the same time. It was cool to see but the lighting was bad since the sun was right behind them and bright. No clouds in sight.

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  1. Wonderful shots, even with the sun on the wrong side of the lake! I have seen Canada geese bed down in the fields near us and then leave the next morning in groups of a dozen or so.

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