Bad pictures of a new duck.


I found the American wigeon that had been spotted at Largo Nature Preserve. A first for me on this fairly common duck. All in front of the picture, they were hanging out with some coots and moorhens. Of course, they were on the river where I had to take the picture right into the sun. I couldn’t go around since there are houses along the other side of the river.


Northern shoveler with an itch.


Northern shoveler with a mallard in front. They look alike except when you see them together. That big old beak gives the shoveler away.


They were all busy feeding.


A great blue heron panting on the boardwalk.  It was warm on the first weekend in January. No jacket needed.


He kept flying back and forth as people were walking along the boardwalk.


“Baby blue” A young little blue heron all alone. He started looking up and freaking out. I realized it was because the below had just flown by.


As I was taking a picture of the baby blue, I saw something fly overhead. When I looked up this eagle was already past me and off into the wild blue yonder.


A very typical scene. A cormorant silhouette into the sun while drying off.


This was taken with my 300mm lens. He was in his usual spot along the boardwalk.


Same guy but taken with my iphone. Someone said he was 11 feet long. What do you think? I think he was exaggerating over the length.


Green parrots kept flying back and forth across the park. I never could see them landing. I think they live and nest at the electric plant near the park.

A beautiful morning on the first weekend of 2015.

6 thoughts on “Bad pictures of a new duck.

  1. Imagine you putting on your first sighted American Wigeon near the most northerly town in Ireland, in Donegal. because while I was away for a few days, I found the only American Wigeon in Ireland. All your shots are great. Don’t suppose it matters What length the Croc is , just to know he will eat you is enough to know for me!

  2. Fabulous day! Such a wonderful place; since I can’t drop by on a regular basis I appreciate your sharing as I dream of us taking a long weekend (probably in the middle of the week) and getting up there again. Hopefully this spring.

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