Really old porches decorated for Christmas


The Lowe house was built in 1888.


The front door of a small church built in Safety Harbor in 1905.


Outside the tiny church.

inside church

Inside the tiny church.


Built in 1896 by Henry Plant’s company. This was the first house to be moved to Heritage Village in 1976.

xmas tree

An old Christmas tree in an old house.


The parlor.


One of the four bedrooms.

photo 1

A tub built for 2 in the only bathroom.


The Greenwood house was built in 1888.


Old fashion decorations.


Built in 1907, this 13 room house had many uses. It originally sat on a bluff overlooking Clearwater Bay.


More old fashion decorations.


Natural wreath.

7 gables house

Picture taken with my camera phone of the big house.

On a beautiful morning in mid-December after spending an hour walking around the Botanical Gardens in Largo, I headed over to Heritage Village next door. I had not been in over a year and wanted to see if they decorated the old houses for Christmas. Not too many decorations but since it’s free to walk around I couldn’t complain. ¬†Heritage Village is a 21 acre living history museum. Walking around the trail, you can see 28 historic buildings dating back to the 19th century. Lots of things to see there.

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  1. and you got some exercise on a beautiful day. I’m not so sure that tub was for two, but it certainly looked like it would accommodate a six-footer. Merry Christmas

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