Christmas in the gardens

Two of the big trees at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.

Some of the fun decorations I saw.

I thought these were cool and maybe I could do them myself. I could use some of the pine cones in my backyard and add some ribbons and some of my balls since I didn’t put up a tree this year but here it is, a few days before and I still have done it. Maybe next year.

They have some cute critters that are wearing fun holiday outfits.

I walked over to Heritage Village next door but they had minimal decorations on the historic houses.

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Vintage is cool!

After walking around the Largo Botanical Gardens I headed next door to Heritage Village. The park has old historic homes as well as come cool vintage cars. They were having their fall festival in late October so everyone was out walking around.

Interesting wood carvings of birds.

The permanently injured birds from close by George C. McGough Nature Park were at the festival so everyone could see these guys up close and learn about the different birds of prey in their neighborhoods. The hawk in the above pictures was missing an eye.

The little screech owls were everyone’s favorite. It’s rare for most people to see them out in the wild.

A great horned owl up close.

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Random things at a craft show

DSC_3654 DSC_3658 DSC_3659 DSC_3661

All of the above are permanently injured birds that live at McGough Nature Park . They were at the Craft show greeting people so everyone can learn about the birds. The hawk in the first picture was showing off his missing eye.






I saw this big beautiful dog and was watching him make friends with a much smaller dog. The smaller dog was trying to be a big tough dog and the bigger dog just sniffed him and gave him a kiss. They played together for a few minutes before their owners had to leave.



I’m not sure what kind of dog this was but there was two of them and the ladies were brushing them and weaving their fur into blankets and scarves. They just sat their and enjoyed the people walking by.

I picked a good day to drive across town and walk around the Largo Botanical Gardens. Next door at the Heritage Village, they were having a Fall festival and craft show. I wandered around for a while and watched the huge crowds of people have fun on a beautiful fall day (even though it was still 86 degrees). I was tempted to get a funnel cake but the line was too long.

A walk back in time


How cheap was gas when this store was open in 1915?


The oldest structure in Pinellas County, it was built in 1852 by Captain James  McMullen near Clearwater. I guess they didn’t have to worry about vacuuming.


My clothes would never get washed if I had to do this.


Sign over the fire station. It was really just a garage that housed a truck.


The good old days.


Power and water in the backyard.


The grocery store in your backyard.


Built in 1878, this was a temporary one room shelter that survived over 100 years.


On the wall just inside of the temporary bedroom was the above picture showing it as it originally stood before it was moved to Heritage Village in 1978.

A few more shots of history from my walk through Heritage Village in Largo in mid-December.

Really old porches decorated for Christmas


The Lowe house was built in 1888.


The front door of a small church built in Safety Harbor in 1905.


Outside the tiny church.

inside church

Inside the tiny church.


Built in 1896 by Henry Plant’s company. This was the first house to be moved to Heritage Village in 1976.

xmas tree

An old Christmas tree in an old house.


The parlor.


One of the four bedrooms.

photo 1

A tub built for 2 in the only bathroom.


The Greenwood house was built in 1888.


Old fashion decorations.


Built in 1907, this 13 room house had many uses. It originally sat on a bluff overlooking Clearwater Bay.


More old fashion decorations.


Natural wreath.

7 gables house

Picture taken with my camera phone of the big house.

On a beautiful morning in mid-December after spending an hour walking around the Botanical Gardens in Largo, I headed over to Heritage Village next door. I had not been in over a year and wanted to see if they decorated the old houses for Christmas. Not too many decorations but since it’s free to walk around I couldn’t complain.  Heritage Village is a 21 acre living history museum. Walking around the trail, you can see 28 historic buildings dating back to the 19th century. Lots of things to see there.