High up in the sky – Skywatch Friday


This was the first time I’ve seen hooded mergansers at Circle B Bar Reserve.


Tricolored heron reflection


Wood stork out in the marsh.


Baby great blue heron almost grown up, still on the nest.


Cattle egret fly-by.


White pelicans coming across the lake.


White pelicans flying over my head.


Not quite fully grown eagle flying high up.


An adult eagle flying over my head in circles.

It was a rare beautiful morning in late January. This winter seems to be the year of the icky weekends. I know, it could be worse. I could actually be living up north where it SNOWS so I can’t complain. There’s still hundreds of white pelicans at the park but they usually stay pretty far away, across the lake. You have to catch them flying high overhead.  It was a quiet morning but a perfect morning for a long walk.

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11 thoughts on “High up in the sky – Skywatch Friday

  1. Excellent photo set. Eagles make their winter home in our area as well. What majestic birds to watch. Happy Skywatching.

  2. Great photography. Where do you live? Because i’ve seen some Florida birds like the Ahinga.

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