Taking a bath

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It was amazing to stand and watch this eagle take a bath. He’s missing his right wing. He has found a home at Homosassa State Wildlife Park with two other eagles that were missing wings. They have a big exhibit with a nice pond. It was foggy and humid the morning Pam and I headed north for the park. Right before we left the sun was coming out and I guess the eagle decided it was a good time for a bath. Even with a missing wing, he’s a beautiful bird.

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15 thoughts on “Taking a bath

  1. I was at this park only three weeks ago on a road trip around Florida. Great photos. I am so glad there is a place where these injured birds can be taken care of and given a home.

  2. Indeed he is beautiful and thank you to Homosassa State Wildlife Park for providing them with quality of life. These pictures are a rare sight and I love them. Interesting that these big birds bathe exactly the same way as our little tiny birds in our bird baths … such fun.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. He is absolutely beautiful. (And I am embarrassed to show my eagles on the same meme as you ;>)…but we amateurs have to do the best we can.) And I have another place to add to my ever-growing to be visited list (thank you!!)

  4. Beautiful bird and awsome photography. Thank you, I feel bad for the eagle but then he does not seem to mind:-)

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