Saturday morning drive around the bay


My first stop was near work. There has been a male canvasback sighting. I saw him pretty quickly but he was far across the pond. This was my first canvasback sighting.


He stayed pretty far away.


My next stop was Kapok Park in Clearwater. I hadn’t been in a while and wanted to see what was going on with the owl couple. With all of the recent rain, mushrooms were everywhere.


I found one owl high up in a tree.


The other one was also high up in a tree close by. This is a sad sign. After sitting on the nest for two months, it looks like they were not successful this year with babies. The same thing happened last year. For 3 years they had babies, two years ago was twins.


Across the lake, I saw this anhinga with a huge fish. He was banging it on the tree and did eventually swallow it.


I left Kapok and then headed north to Possum Branch Preserve to look for the Nashville warbler that had been sighted there. No luck on the Nashville. Tons of palm warblers and yellow rumped warblers. This was all I kept snapping. The “I’m outta here” shot.


I did have this house wren sit still for a few seconds.


There were two hawks chasing each other high up in the sky. I only managed to catch one.

Out of three stops, only one was a success even though that canvasback was so far away. He was in a fenced off retention pond so I couldn’t get around to get closer. No owl babies at Kapok Park this year but I have been visiting the baby owls at Fort Desoto. Three weekends in a row. Those pictures will be coming up later.

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13 thoughts on “Saturday morning drive around the bay

  1. The Canvasback my have been a good distance away, but you still got good shots, the Owls are outstanding, or maybe I should say Owlstanding, Great set again.
    All the best Gordon.

  2. great photos; loved the owl especially. The anhinga we know as a Darter here in Australia, great shot again with him having the fish

  3. You had a successful bird outing! I am really looking forward to seeing thee return of the warblers to Ontario…but it will be a while yet! Love the owl shot!

  4. Hi Well that was a lovely outing and you saw lots of birds.I really loved the Owls but sorry to hear that they did not breed this year. Great flight shots especially liked the warbler shot.

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