Two firsts as spring migration winds down


Some type of yellow bird high up in the trees.


My first black throated blue warbler.


There were several of them at the park.


I think this is a female cape may.


A female orchard oriole.


My first blackpoll warbler with a berry in his mouth.


Another blackpoll getting ready to eat.


My second sighting of a cape may warbler.


Another female something?

Spring migration was winding down but I had heard there were still a few more birds at Fort Desoto so I headed down there after work one night in late April. I had about an hour and a half before dark so I stayed in one place to see what I could find there. I was at the mulberry bushes with several other people. Everyone was looking for the black whiskered vireo that had been sighted there for several days. No luck that night on the vireo but I did get some other first sightings in. There were several pale yellow birds there and everyone had different opinions about what female they were. After studying the hundreds of pages of these female warblers in my Stokes Birding Guide, I gave up. Any id’s would be appreciated.

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17 thoughts on “Two firsts as spring migration winds down

  1. You must have been there at lunch time. So nice to see them feeding in the wild rather than at feeders. Love the black throated warbler in the mulberry tree.

  2. Dina, that is a lovely selection of Warblers.
    I’m fairly certain that your final image is also a female Cape May Warbler .. the pale/white edge to the median coverts (just visible) is quite diagnostic for an adult female.

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