Cutest fuzzballs ever!


Mom keeping an eye on everyone.


The gray one on the left was born only 18 hours earlier. The beige ones were born the day before.


Snuggling together.


“You guys make good pillows.”


The youngest one is ready for a nap.


“What am I suppose to do with these big feet?”


“Is there a bug on my neck?”


Parting butt shot.

baby swans

A shot of the nest with my phone.

I hadn’t planned on stopping by Lake Morton. I was on my way to Circle B Bar Reserve which is only 10 minutes away. It was drizzling on the way to Lakeland and I was thinking I didn’t want to get out on the trails and it start to rain. As I got closer to Lakeland I decided to stop by Lake Morton first and then see how the weather holds up an hour later. I got to the little lake around 8am. I was driving around looking for a good spot to park when I saw a group of people hanging around a swan nest. I thought “There must be babies there.” I parked and walked over and there they were. Three of the cutest fuzz balls ever. Not even 2 days old. The park was taking the babies and raising them offsite due to the thefts of eggs and babies last year so these little ones were probably going to be gone by that afternoon. I was lucky to spend an hour watching them move around. They did not leave the nest while I was there. Both parents were close by. There is also a camera high up in a tree keeping an eye on the nest as well so everyone was on their best behavior. Many people stopped by for a few minutes to get a look at them. How could they not melt your heart?

The sun started to peak out after an hour so I left and headed to the reserve.

Too see more amazing swan family pictures, check out Kim’s blog. She lives near the lake and has caught many wonderful moments of the babies with their parents.

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20 thoughts on “Cutest fuzzballs ever!

  1. Thank you so much Dina for the kind words and link! So sweet of you… your images above of the cygnets are simply beautiful!!! I am so happy you got to spend some time with them. 🙂

  2. Aww…so cute! Love these guys!
    Just last week we saw mom and dad with six babies in the ditch near a busy road by us. We are terrorfied they will try to move them and cross the road.

  3. They really are the cutest fuzzballs ever, Dina, but it’s sad that they have to be taken away to be raised, because I don’t suppose the parents go with them. If they do, that would be great.
    Love the photos!

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