Baby tricolored herons at the zoo


Baby tricolored heron looking at me.


Was he giving me the peace sign? No, just scratching an itch.


At first they were quiet. Then the screaming started. They must have known mom was close by.


Mom shows up at the nest and chaos starts.


Screaming goes on.


Then begging.

I stopped by the zoo in mid-May to see if there were any more spoonbills hanging around. No spoonbills but there were a few nests with baby tricolored herons and blue herons. All were in the bushes and palm trees over the alligator exhibit.

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15 thoughts on “Baby tricolored herons at the zoo

  1. Well someone has a bad hair day!!! these are fantastic shots adn I loved the video. They looked so unsteady but I suppose they were just excercising their wings. Margaret

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