Too cute for it’s own good!


“I know I’m cute!”


“I’m trying to get that bug under Mom’s foot.”


“I do NOT have big ears!”


“Mom, I’m ready for my nap.”


“This dirt does not taste like chocolate.”


“Can I clean this dirt off with this pole?”


“Mom says I have to stay close to her.”

The baby elephant was born on 12/23 at Lowry Park Zoo. Her name is Mpumi which means “successful” in Swati. I headed to the zoo early in the morning. Hubby even went with me. She was nursing with mom at the other end of the exhibit when we first got there and you could barely see her. We walked around the area for a few minutes and when we came back she was bouncing across the field. She was so cute. All of the kids went crazy. At one point she was wandering off away from the other female adults. She walked over to a big rock and was checking it out with her trunk. She made a loud sneeze noise and the mom looked up and realized the baby had wandered off. The mom ran over to her and pushed her back to the group with her trunk. Everyone went crazy again. We stood there for close to an hour watching. I can’t wait to get back to see her grow up.

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12 thoughts on “Too cute for it’s own good!

  1. Baby elephants have always been my favorite baby animals! How wonderful you got to see this tiny one up close, and get such great photos! Thanks for sharing today!

  2. Who doesn’t love the majestic elephant and adore the little babies … isn’t amazing how small they start out and how big they end up. This little girl is adorable and Mother is wise to keep an eye on her. Love these pictures. I have 70 years worth of elephant figureens and items that I have collected since I got my first Dumbo at age one. To say that Elephant are a favorite is putting it mildly … I look forward to watching Mpumi grow up through your wonderful pictures. Thank you once again …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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