Cute and scary

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I caught the baby elephants hanging out by the water hole with one of the adults.  The adult pushed the baby out of the way so she could get a drink of water.


It’s rare to see a giraffe sitting down.


He’s suppose to be scary but looks like he’s giving me a silly grin.

Just a few fun things at the Lowry Park zoo recently.

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Cute faces at the zoo

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Another tourist trip during Christmas week. My sister and I spent a morning at the zoo. Beautiful and not too hot, the animals were out playing. I think that old turtle face is my favorite. He looks so prehistoric and funny with that blade of grass hanging out of his mouth. He was up moving around that morning. There’s always something entertaining at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.

Babies at the zoo


Cutest little spider monkey!


No babies yet but they sure looked like a couple.


Not a baby but what a cute face.


One of the baby elephants hiding in Mom’s shade.


One of the many baby mallard families.


This family was being babysat by a goose. The baby mallards stayed close to the goose even though mom was close by.


Trying to climb up into the spider monkey exhibit.


Soaking wet.

baby duck

Baby duck practicing his flaps.


Wild little blue herons on the nests over the alligator exhibit.


Just a few days old, this baby blue heron was hiding under the bushes. Just like at Gatorland, the wild birds build nests over the alligator exhibit at the zoo.


Another young one. You can see his ear hole and his pin feathers.


This one was hiding under mom.


This one was a little older and screaming his head off.


I only saw one tricolored heron baby and he was deep in the bushes.


These are baby marabou storks. They must have been over a month old. They were sleeping both times I walked by.


A spoonbill was close by in the trees. I didn’t see another one there that day. I’m a little disappointed that we don’t have a spoonbill nest this spring. We’ve had babies the last 2 years. It’s still early though.

Yes, I went right in the middle of the day to the Lowry Park zoo. It was warm and the sun was high up but I had an hour to kill in between errands so I stopped in to see how the wild bird nesting was going over the alligator exhibit. Only a few little blue heron nests. The great egrets nest high up in the trees and those babies are all grown up now. I’ll check back again to see if we get lucky with any spoonbill babies.

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Splish splash in the mud puddle


“This mud feels good.”


“Nothing like wet mud to cool off your belly. And to think humans pay lots of money to soak in mud at spas.”


“I could stay here all day.”


“Maybe I’ll take a nap.”


“Or not, there’s too much playing to do.”


“It’s fun getting dirty.”


“And even more fun splashing around in the water.”


“I’ve got my own personal slip-n-slide.”

This not Mavi, who was born this August. This is Mbali, her half-sister who was born last December. She is still so cute running around playing. She picked up everything in her path and threw it over her head. She plopped down in the mud pit and rolled around. Then she ran through the water puddles. Just like a toddler. I stood there in the blazing heat for an hour watching her and her younger sibling playing. They were so much fun to watch and the kids were going crazy watching. I think another trip when the weather cools off is in the plans.

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Too cute for words


“The fans can wait. I’m hungry.”


“This mud taste funny.”


“What? I’m not suppose to eat it?”


“Mom, stop splashing me.”


“Here I am. Cute as can be.”


“Mom got hay on my head.”


“I can hide under mom’s belly.”


“I hope I’m not snoring.”

Mavi was almost 3 weeks old when I stopped by the Lowry Park zoo in Tampa. I had heard there was a new baby. Her half-sister, Mpumi, was born back in late December and is not much bigger. I got lucky that they were both out playing the morning I was there. When I first got there Mavi was nursing way back in the exhibit. She stayed pretty close to mom but did come close to the viewing area. How can you not love that sleeping face with the pink tongue hanging out?

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Too cute for it’s own good!


“I know I’m cute!”


“I’m trying to get that bug under Mom’s foot.”


“I do NOT have big ears!”


“Mom, I’m ready for my nap.”


“This dirt does not taste like chocolate.”


“Can I clean this dirt off with this pole?”


“Mom says I have to stay close to her.”

The baby elephant was born on 12/23 at Lowry Park Zoo. Her name is Mpumi which means “successful” in Swati. I headed to the zoo early in the morning. Hubby even went with me. She was nursing with mom at the other end of the exhibit when we first got there and you could barely see her. We walked around the area for a few minutes and when we came back she was bouncing across the field. She was so cute. All of the kids went crazy. At one point she was wandering off away from the other female adults. She walked over to a big rock and was checking it out with her trunk. She made a loud sneeze noise and the mom looked up and realized the baby had wandered off. The mom ran over to her and pushed her back to the group with her trunk. Everyone went crazy again. We stood there for close to an hour watching. I can’t wait to get back to see her grow up.

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