A quick stop at the Safety Harbor fishing pier


 A common loon floating around the fishing pier.


The red-eyed horned grebe is back at the fishing pier this winter. There were 4 of them floating around but stayed away from each other and the other 3 were pretty far out.


Common tern fly by.


Pelican going in for a fish.


Head first!


Synchronized fishing.


There’ s always a laughing gull trying to get a freebie from the pelicans.


“I’m outta here.” says the pelican to the gull.

Another sunny morning stop at the Safety Harbor fishing pier. I did not see any manatees this morning but a few dolphins were far out.

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18 thoughts on “A quick stop at the Safety Harbor fishing pier

  1. Fantastic pics! Love the horned grebe!
    I got a shot of a common loon last week that had the front half of the lower portion of it’s bill broken and bent back. Poor thing likely can not survive.

  2. You always have such a selection of birds to choose from and your pictures are wonderful. I long to spend time on the Florida shores … haven’t been down there in 12 years. Someday, maybe … meanwhile I will continue to enjoy your coverage of all of the wonderful wildlife …

    Andrea @ FRom The Sol

  3. I think I’d miss the parrots the most of all the birds in Australia if I ever had to move back to the UK.

    Great shots of the plunging pelican and tern.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M – Melbourne

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