All grown up.


It’s rare to see both parents sitting together on this nest.


The big baby was showing off his wings. The smaller baby stayed hidden behind the big trunk.


I guess he was practicing his pose.


At one point one of the parents moved over to the nest.


Then back over next to his mate.


I took a walk around the area and of course something happened.


From across the pond I could see a juvenile eagle trying to invade the nest. The parents were screaming at him and chased him away.


It could have been last year’s baby coming back for a visit but the parents didn’t want any part of it.


Things started to settle down so I headed home for lunch.

These were taken in early March.By now the babies are probably flying around and getting ready to leave. We had another great year with this nest. I’m sure the proud parents are ready to head back up north for the summer.

Skywatch Friday

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Banging on a tree


It’s always fun to see a pileated woodpecker.


The coolest bird ever, creeping up the tree.


Only the male has the red stripe on his check.


High up on a dead tree.

A short video of him banging on the tree.

A shorter video of him freaking out as a squirrel comes by.

I was walking through the trails at Chesnut park pretty quickly. Not many birds out but the weather was perfect. I’m heading back to my car thinking this trip was going to be a bust and the above comes whizzing by me and lands in a tree right in front of me. He spent a few minutes banging on a tree and then took off.

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Standing in one spot taking pictures


It’s always fun seeing a cormorant trying to gulp down a big fish.


Wood duck reflection.


I think this is a male american goldfinch in his winter feathers. He was high up in the trees and didn’t sit still for a minute. I rarely see these here.


Great blue heron hopping around in the trees.


There were a lot of great blue heron nests high up in the trees. It was hard to see up there but this nest had two babies that were almost grown.


Green heron hanging around.


Most of these birds were not tagged. They might just be hanging out with the permanently injured birds for the winter.


This is a white morph great blue heron. I’ve never seen one here before and this is 2nd time I’ve ever seen one. He wasn’t tagged so I’m not sure if he is just stopping by for a quick visit.


A great egret trying to catch some minnows and coming up with a beak full of leaves.

I made my annual trip to Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park in early March. It’s a safe haven for permanently injured birds and other Florida animals.  A lot of wild birds and ducks hang out there to get free food. Some come in to nest in the trees over the water.  There’s always a lot to take pictures of at the park. Sometimes in nice not to have to run around in the woods looking for tiny birds high up in the trees. Sometimes it’s nice to just stand in one place and take lots of pictures.

Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing

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No spring season for us.


I’m already seeing butterflies everywhere.


Bees too.


No spring for us. We went from “Sort of” winter straight to summer.


It was 82 degrees in early March.


Why can’t it stay sunny and 60 until June?


This osprey was diving deep for a fish.


He came up empty handed.


Instead of trying again, he flew off.


I went to get in my car and this guy was high up in a tree right over my car.


Far out in the water, the pelicans were hoping for a handout from this fisherman.

I only had two hours in early March to head out for a walk so I went to Philippe Park near my house. It was a quiet morning with almost zero birds. At least I got a good walk in. As I was walking around I realized it was time to put away the short sleeve tshirts and long khaki pants and drag out the shorts and tank tops.

LorikArtShine the Divine

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Critters in the park






I drove into Chesnut Park on a recent Saturday morning and parked. As I got out of my car I saw some four legged critters wandering around the parking lot. I snapped the above and they all looked at me for a second. Then back to feeding they went. I headed out for the trails. It’s amazing what you see hanging around the parking lot at 8am in the morning, before the joggers and the dog walkers.




I found Winkie right away on the boardwalk. I haven’t seen him in months. I remembered I had some peanuts in my backpack so I pulled out a few for him. I only feed one eyed critters. Then his two-eyed friend showed up and stole a nut so I left. One minute later and I would have been surrounded by 50 squirrels.


Big ole critter taking a sun nap. I don’t see alligators too often at this park. He was laying in front of the parking lot.

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Up in the sky and down in the ditch.


The baby great blue heron looks all grown up now.


He still hasn’t left the nest yet.


Looking for Mom to bring lunch.


Big stretch.


On my way out of the park, I ran into a family of racoons.


These guys are way too tame.


Mom in front with 3 babies. They just kept walking towards me.

raccoons 2

 Taken with my camera phone, I finally jumped to the side.


Going past me.


Taking a nap, which is what I plan to do when I get home.

 Skywatch Friday

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A “ruff” time at the beach

DSC_2201 DSC_2202 DSC_2203 DSC_2209 DSC_2215 DSC_2217 DSC_2218 DSC_2219 DSC_2222 DSC_2223

I was leaving Philippe Park and heading home when I saw these two heading into the water. The park sits on the bay and the tide was low revealing a small spot of beach. The owners were throwing sticks in the water and the dogs were having the best time going in and out of the water. Too bad I didn’t have my swimsuit. I would have joined them. Well, except for the stick in the mouth thing.

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Big eyed babies staring out


DSC_1758 DSC_1812 DSC_1821 DSC_1831 DSC_1837 DSC_1855 DSC_1863 DSC_1872 DSC_1877

Deep in the woods at Fort Desoto, the trail was closed. It wasn’t hard to find.Walk until you find the “Do Not Enter” sign and the trees wrapped with orange tape cutting off the trail. Down the trail you can see them if you zoom in your camera. Two great horned owl babies sitting on top of a dead palm tree. On the morning I stopped by it was a little chilly. The first two pictures the babies were huddled together and sleepy. I headed out to the beach for a while and then stopped by quickly before I left. It had warmed up and the babies were awake and looking around. One of the parents was sitting high up in a tree near the nest and the babies kept looking up at it. They have such expressive faces. They weren’t doing anything but looking. By now they are all grown up and flying.


Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing

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Pretty faces at the lake.


Some of the geese have all orange beaks and some have the spots on them. Is that a sunburn? Or maybe an age spot?


The black swans were nesting.


The only white pelican at the lake that morning. He looks comfy.


Pretty goose face.


The old man face.


Green and yellow face.


Another pretty goose face. His feathers are darker than the others and I don’t think his eyes are blue.

Pretty faces at Lake Morton in early March. I stopped to see if there were any duck or goose babies. Still a little early.

20mom_badgeWEBShine the Divine

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“As The Pelican World Turns”


Mom pelican was checking her eggs.


These two will have eggs soon.


The pelican motel at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park.







This pelican was taking a long bath. It was fun watching him splash around.

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