Saw an otter eating while checking on an owl


I stopped by a local park to see if the great horned owl was nesting yet. There she was looking like she’s been sleeping for a while.


The park was pretty quiet except for the normal mallards mottled ducks (thanks to Wally for the correct ID. We get a lot more mallards than mottled here.)


And boring old warblers.


I saw this cormorant swimming way too close to the alligator.


Then I heard some commotion in the reeds near me and saw an otter with a fish. He saw me looking at him and moved around to the other side of the reeds where I couldn’t see him.


I moved around to the other end of the boardwalk and was able to see him but he was into the sun. He chowed down on that big fish for a few minutes before taking off.


Just a few things on my walk around a small park recently on a Saturday morning. I’ve seen otters there before but usually down in a little creek and they don’t hang around for a second. The above was out in the open lake but wanted to eat his fish in peace. After that last shot, he disappeared. I looked for him for a while but no sign of him again.  I’m keeping my eye on that owl. Last year she had two babies so hopefully I’ll be able to watch more babies grow up this year.

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24 thoughts on “Saw an otter eating while checking on an owl

  1. Wonderful shots! What a great photo of the owl! I’m quite jealous of the otter as he’s munching on one of my favorite fish, a speckled perch (officially a Black Crappie). Yum!

  2. Great photos and a very nice variety to see in the park. I especially like that owl sitting up there so relaxed. I hope she nests where you can keep a watch on her.

  3. I think the owl and the otter may have made this a highlight day for 2013 for me – and it not February yet! Great pictures.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M – Melbourne

  4. Thanks for all of the comments! I’m going to check on Mama owl this weekend. Shout out to Wally for calling out those mallards were actually mottled ducks.

    I always welcome suggestions and corrections. Thanks.

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