Blue skies at the pier – Skywatch Friday


Brown pelicans can always be found around fishing piers.


Common loons are a little more rare here in central Florida. Although, this is the 3rd one I’ve seen this winter.


He was preening around the city pier in Anna Maria Island when I went looking for the rare razorbills.


By the time I saw him with a fish, he was pretty far away from the pier. Extremely cropped.


It was weird seeing downtown St. Petersburg across the bay. It’s almost an hour drive from where I standing to get back to St. Pete.


Snowy egrets were hitching a ride.


Rod and Reel fishing pier. There’s a restaurant on that top floor. There was a long wait the morning I was there. I did not eat there that morning but would like to go back with Hubby and hang out and get some breakfast.

The first few days after Christmas were beautiful which was nice coming home from rainy Atlanta. It was a bit chilly. Everyone had on jackets.  But, the sun was out and it was going to warm up that afternoon. I went down there looking for the rare razerbills and found a few other fun things too. Pelicans were everywhere and it was a nice surprise seeing the loon feeding even though he kept drifting farther away.  The tourists were out in full force, walking around and riding bikes. I’m sure they were glad to be out of the blizzards going on up north at the time.

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16 thoughts on “Blue skies at the pier – Skywatch Friday

  1. Yes, the egrets look quite happy on that boat.
    Pelicans are my husband’s favorite reason for visiting Florida. He loves photographing them diving and fooling around. I like them, too, because they remind me of visiting my parents at their winter home in Mexico’s Baja.
    Loons, however, make me homesick for the interior lakes of British Columbia, and for a friend of mine who left BC twelve years ago to move to Florida, about the same time as I moved here to Alberta. There’s a pond near their condo in Oldsmar. I wonder if she ever hears loons there. I hope she does.

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