A morning in a cemetery – Skywatch Friday


It wouldn’t be a day out in nature without seeing some squirrels.


Blue jay keeping an eye on me.


I think this is a chipping sparrow?  They were all over the cemetery.


Getting a drink from an empty planter.


Robins were everywhere.


Mockingbird on a cross.


A warbler in the bushes.


I could hear this carolina wren singing all over the cemetery.


Flowers were still blooming.


You can see the capital from across the cemetery.

Even though it was a little cold, it was a beautiful morning. The sun came in and out all morning. Nothing like spending a little time in a cemetery right before Christmas. I’m sure the people there thought I was crazy with my long lens taking pictures of birds. I’ve always said “Cemeteries have good birds.” Even in downtown Atlanta. I was surprised to see so many birds there. I didn’t see the red-headed woodpeckers that I had seen on my last 2 trips there. They may have been hiding. I thought I’d only be there an hour and then go somewhere else, maybe the zoo close by but ended up staying 3 hours.

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6 thoughts on “A morning in a cemetery – Skywatch Friday

  1. How beautiful these are! The mockingbird on the cross is amazing. All together, they would make a lovely series for cards. My first birding class I ever took, the teacher suggested cemeteries as great photo ops.,…she didn’t want to take the whole class to one because it would be sort of disruptive, but she said she often went alone w suggested that we all do that individually! And I have several times in several places.

  2. These are great! Love the robin and warbler and the mockingbird on the cross. Wow! I was in the cemetery today with my long lens. I felt weird, but I’m old enough not to care what people think anymore. 🙂

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