Breakfast with a limpkin family


I turn the corner to head down Marsh Rabbit Run trail and see the above standing in the middle of the trail. He didn’t seem spooked by me.


In fact, he walked right by me. That’s my shadow. I’ve never seen them this close before. Then I realized there were 3 others close together in the ditch below the trail. They all came up on the trail and I realized it was a family. Two parents and two almost grown babies. This was one of the late summer families.


They all seemed very relaxed as I sat down on the trail and watched them.


One of the parents brought up a snail from the ditch.


The smaller one ran under mom and waited while she dug out the meat.


Then the parent ate one herself. Doesn’t that look yummy?


The other juvenile got fed.

What a way to start the walk down the trail. I sat there for about 20 minutes watching them bring up snail after snail. This has to be the most tame family in the park. A crowd of photographers started to gather behind me and we were all amazed that they didn’t seem bothered by us. After a while the family went back down into the ditches and headed out into the marsh. I headed down the trail to see what I could find but nothing else could match that.

7 thoughts on “Breakfast with a limpkin family

  1. I think this is your best series yet! At least top 10. That first shot looks like she’s doing some kind of dance move. What a treat to be able to get so close and get such stellar photos.

  2. Yummm, escargot! I saw my first limpkins at Lake Trafford a couple of years ago….didn’t even know what they were and missed the ID in my book…I posted them and somebody IDd them for me. Birders are so kind. Great pictures.

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