Beauty in the drizzle

Pretty things in the drizzle at Noccalula Falls in north Alabama. We were lucky that the rain had stopped while we walked around the park. A little drizzle for a short time but at least the pouring rain had stopped. It was still a beautiful place even in the gloom.

The petting zoo animals were having fun in the mild weather.

I would like to get back there in the fall when the leaves are changing.

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In the backyard

A house sparrow on our dock. They nest in the hole on the side of the dock.

A hawk sitting on our fence.

An anhinga getting a snack on our neighbor’s dock.

A woodpecker getting a snack on our palm tree.

A blue jay giving me a funny look while sitting on our neighbor’s boat.

Things on our muhly grass.

The moon in the backyard in the morning.

Just a few things in our backyard in the past couple of weeks.

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Summer at the lake

Lots of the usual birds at Lettuce Lake Park in late July.  The first shot is a very young parula and the 2nd is a shot of the young parula being fed by the parent.  The last shot is of a very young red bellied woodpecker waiting for the parent to give him a bug.


The usual titmouse and I caught a glimpse of a brown thrasher high up in a tree.

Things along the boardwalk.

There’s water somewhere in that lake. These were taken before the rainy season and the plants had taken over the lake.

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Escargot for breakfast


As I first walked out on the trail, I saw this limpkin digging around in the water.


He pulled up a snail and turned away from me.


“Look this way little limpy.” I said. He did.


I guess he realized I wasn’t going to steal his slimy snail so he turned towards me again.


He put it back in the water and started to bang on it with his beak.


He dug for a few minutes and out came the meat.


Doesn’t that look yummy???


He swallowed it whole.


Down the hatch!

It was a cloudy morning when I got to Circle B Bar Reserve in early November. That’s a pro and a con. The con is that it was going to be hard getting good pictures in the shade. The light was going to be yucky. On the flip side, the above limpkin was in the pond on the east side of the trail and I would have been taking pictures directly into the sun and probably wouldn’t have gotten these at all if the sun was out completely. The reserve was full of limpkins. There’s been an explosion in population. They were everywhere. They were loudly calling across the trails. Based on all of the pink apple snail eggs that blanketed the marsh there, the limpkins population should only get bigger.

Baby limpkins at Medard Park


My first sight of the baby limpkins at Medard Park in east Tampa.


As soon as I found them Mom came walking up with a yummy snail.


She looked pretty wet.


One of the babies took off towards Mom.


She started to dig out that snail.


She pulled a little snail meat out and the baby got a bite.


He swallowed it pretty fast.


There were three babies in this family but I could not get them all together. I hadn’t been out to Medard Park since winter and wasn’t sure if there would be anything there. Last fall I saw snail kites there so I was hoping to see them again. No sight of the kites but I was happy to see this limpkin family along the lake side. The parents stayed close to the babies. They are big enough now that hopefully they are out of danger from hawks but the alligators are still lurking in the water.

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