Hanging around a cemetery


When I first got to Oakland cemetery it was raining so I stood under the covered porch at the visitor’s center and was watching the house sparrows feed at the feeder.


The rain stopped and it was only a light drizzle so I started walking around.  I saw this brown thrasher in the bushes by the center.


My first American goldfinch. It’s either a female or juvenile.  Males have a small black cap on their forehead. They are not uncommon in central Florida but they usually only come through during migration and I kept missing them. Thanks to Cobb for the ID.


Pigeon hanging around the cemetery.


Yes, another robin. They were everywhere I went in Atlanta.


These two juvenile robins were chasing each other around.


Another brown thrasher.


Squirrel eating his nut upside down. He makes it look so comfortable.


Someone had been walking his dog and they sat down to rest.

Just a few things I saw on my rainy walk around the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.

Flowers in Oakland cemetery








All of the above were taken at Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta. We made our annual 4th of July weekend trip to visit the in-laws and was rained on most of the time. Early Friday morning it was only a drizzle so I headed out to walk around and get some pictures.


This was the view of downtown Atlanta the entire time we were there.


Cool statue in the cemetery.


Oakland Cemetery is one of my favorite places to visit in Atlanta. Even though it was drizzling most of the morning there were still a few tourist out walking around and a few locals walking their dogs.  I did see a few birds while I was there. More on those later.


A morning in a cemetery – Skywatch Friday


It wouldn’t be a day out in nature without seeing some squirrels.


Blue jay keeping an eye on me.


I think this is a chipping sparrow?  They were all over the cemetery.


Getting a drink from an empty planter.


Robins were everywhere.


Mockingbird on a cross.


A warbler in the bushes.


I could hear this carolina wren singing all over the cemetery.


Flowers were still blooming.


You can see the capital from across the cemetery.

Even though it was a little cold, it was a beautiful morning. The sun came in and out all morning. Nothing like spending a little time in a cemetery right before Christmas. I’m sure the people there thought I was crazy with my long lens taking pictures of birds. I’ve always said “Cemeteries have good birds.” Even in downtown Atlanta. I was surprised to see so many birds there. I didn’t see the red-headed woodpeckers that I had seen on my last 2 trips there. They may have been hiding. I thought I’d only be there an hour and then go somewhere else, maybe the zoo close by but ended up staying 3 hours.

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Rare birds for me in an Atlanta cemetery

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This eastern towhee was very accommodating. He just sat there staring at me.


Another towhee looking for food on the ground.


Dark eyed junco getting some food.


Upclose. The cemetery was full of these guys.


Mouthful of seeds.


Posing on the planter.


As I was taking pictures of the juncos, this white breasted nuthatch flew into a tree right in front of me. He only stayed for a few seconds and it was the only one I saw that day.

Two days before Christmas I had a few hours to kill in the morning. I headed for the Oakland cemetery in downtown Atlanta. It was cold (35 degrees is almost death degrees for this Florida person). I had tons of layers on and actually remembered my gloves which I wore the entire time I was there. Oakland cemetery is a very old historic cemetery with a few local famous people buried there (including Margaret Mitchell who wrote Gone With The Wind). When I first got there around 8:30 there was no one else around but by 9:30, people were wandering around. Tourists come to visit and locals walk through when walking their dogs. A few joggers cut through the cemetery as well.

The cemetery was full of birds but not a lot of variety. At first I thought the above were all first sightings but after digging through some old pictures when I got back from the trip, I had seen all of the above only once before and gotten really bad pictures which I never posted. I have not seen these birds in Florida, only Atlanta so I was excited to get shots of them. There were several towhees and tons of juncos everywhere. A few other more common birds were there but more on those later.

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Cardinals for Christmas





I couldn’t find any snow.  Even in Atlanta, where I’m visiting the in-laws for a few days.  It’s still pretty cold. It was 30 degrees when I snuck out of the house early in the morning to find some birds. I found these at the Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta. Lots of birds there foraging around for food and drinking out of the empty planters. I saw two new birds but more on those later.

Hope you are having a safe and warm holiday!

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A beautiful redhead in a cemetery

Right side.

Now left side.

From the back.

Entire front.

One of the many robins.

“What are you doing here lady?” said Whiskers, the squirrel.

Last December I had seen a redheaded woodpecker high up in the trees and I think it was a juvenile. It was dark and cloudy that day when I was at Oakland Cemetery so I only got a far away blurry shot of it. Since I was back in Atlanta for the 4th of July, I headed out to the cemetery with Hubby in hopes of finding it again. There were two there. One was high up in the trees and the other one came down and landed close by on a utility pole in front of me. They never got close to each other so I only have single shots of them. I wonder if they nest there. Was that juvenile I saw in December an offspring of the couple and maybe was born that summer? It would be pretty great if these fairly rare woodpeckers were nesting in downtown Atlanta.

It was worth braving the heat to find these birds. Oh yeah, there were also tons of robins at the cemetery. And about a million squirrels. I didn’t see any chipmunks though. We don’t have them in central Florida so it’s fun to see them when we visit Atlanta.

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Bees and butterflies in a cemetery

I’ve decided I love old cemeteries. They look cool and have great birds and bugs living in them. This was my 3rd trip to the historic Oakland Cemetery in downtown Atlanta. Hubby went with me this time. We got there around 8:30am and it was pretty deserted. We stayed for about two hours, wandering around looking at the old tombstones and mausoleums. Every trip I notice something new. Back in late 1800’s and early 1900’s the cemetery was segregated. No surprise there. The last picture is part of the jewish section. I hadn’t noticed it before as being separated but we found the sign that explained the section. Hubby was amazed at how big the civil war section was. Rows and rows of graves went on for days.

A lot of the family plots have nice gardens in them which brings in pretty butterflies and lots of bees. The history center in the middle of the cemetery has a few bird feeders around but there were mostly robins and mockingbirds around. My main purpose of the trip was to find and attempt to get a better picture of the redheaded woodpecker. Hubby saw them first. More on those tomorrow.

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