Across the country for red leaves

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I had to go all the way across the county to get some fall colors. These were taken in late September in Flagstaff. It’s now the first day of November and there is still no sign of fall yet here in central Florida. Still in the 80’s which is us normal for us.



These were taken at the Flagstaff Arboretum. We were there in a transition period.  Not a lot of flowers since spring and summer were over but the leaves were changing and it was beautiful out. We took the long trail through the woods around the park and at one point, this is the view.  If you crop the picture you would think you were all alone out in the forest.  But then you see the solar panels. Brings you back to reality. I keep saying that I could live here, well, except for the 100 inches of snowfall a year in the winter.

What winter looks like in central Florida


Some plants looked dead. Some plants were still blooming. The weather is back and forth. Some days cloudy and cold (58 degrees) and some days sunny and warm (75 degrees). I never know whether I need a jacket or not. I think the plants are confused as well. These were all taken on a long walk on the nature trail at Honeymoon Island in late January. I went looking for eagles and owls. Both were sleeping all morning so I started taking pictures of the plants. I’m going to try to get back over there before the baby eagles leave the nest. They should be there for a few more months.

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Chesnut park on a Saturday morning


Red leaves through the moss.


Bright colors on a dreary morning.


An empty shell floating by.


Beautiful face through the woods.


Male downy woodpecker.


What a cutie.


Up close.


There were lots of downy woodpeckers in the park this morning.


Climbing a tree.

Critters and colors from a cold Saturday morning walk in early January.

Lettuce Lake in the morning – Skywatch Friday


The moon was still out when I got to the park at 8am.


You would think by these pictures that it was started to feel like fall around here. Oh no, we’re still at 85 degrees. We’ve been getting a lot of rain so I’m not sure why some of the leaves were turning so early.


It was nice to see the red leaves. Something we don’t see often here. Most of the time it goes from green to dead.


Ferns growing on a tree branch.


There were more spiders than birds.


This looked like a big cotton ball in the middle but it’s some kind of spider web.


Little squirrel looking for a handout.


You had to keep an eye out over your head as you walked along the boardwalk. I kept doing spider checks in my hair.


Into the sun.


View of the lake from the tower. Taken with my phone. You can just barely see the moon in the sky.

I had a nice weekend morning walking around Lettuce Lake Park in north Tampa. The weather was perfect but the birds and animals were scarce. The swamp was flooded so the wading birds were not around. I got a good 3 hour walk in before heading home for lunch.

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In the woods


Is it fall yet?




Weird things hanging off the fir tree.


End of summer.


Extremely cropped. A bee eating a dragonfly or the other way around?


The boardwalk was covered in creepy spiders.


Green on green.


End of season.


Fir in the swamp.

L Lake trail

Taken with my phone. Sun peaking through the trees on the trail in the early morning.

More from my hot steamy walk at Lettuce Lake Park.

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Beautiful morning at Chesnut Park.


Carolina chickadee high up in the tree. I don’t see these often.


Not sure what this titmouse was looking at as he landed on the branch.


“Oh wait, get my good side.” (but what’s he’s really thinking is “Do you have any bird seed lady?”)


Cardinals are everywhere.


His girlfriend was down below him on the ground pecking at something.


Perfect pose.


The lake was quiet with only a few coots floating around.


“Trust me, I”m not going to steal your snack.” I said to the coot as he turned his head.


Signs of fall in February.


Still a few things blooming though.


And sprouting. This back and forth hot and cool weather has nature confused.


This has been a weird winter for everyone. Down here we are getting 80 degrees for a couple of days and then in the 50’s a couple of days. Back and forth.  My sister, who lives in Birmingham (AL) was caught in that snow storm recently and spent one night sleeping on the floor of her office and one night in a hotel before she could get home. She had to leave her car at the bottom of the mountain and hike up. Two days later it was 65 degrees.

It was sunny and cool in early February when I headed out to Chesnut Park for a long walk. Nothing new at the park but it was a beautiful morning and quiet. Except for the usual joggers and dog walkers that stay on the street through the park, the boardwalks were empty. Saw a lot of deer on this trip. More on those later.

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