Across the country for red leaves

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I had to go all the way across the county to get some fall colors. These were taken in late September in Flagstaff. It’s now the first day of November and there is still no sign of fall yet here in central Florida. Still in the 80’s which is us normal for us.



These were taken at the Flagstaff Arboretum. We were there in a transition period.  Not a lot of flowers since spring and summer were over but the leaves were changing and it was beautiful out. We took the long trail through the woods around the park and at one point, this is the view.  If you crop the picture you would think you were all alone out in the forest.  But then you see the solar panels. Brings you back to reality. I keep saying that I could live here, well, except for the 100 inches of snowfall a year in the winter.

7 thoughts on “Across the country for red leaves

  1. The red leaves are stunning! We loved traveling in the Fall (when we were full-time RVers) — I remember being in Flagstaff one October and nearly freezing to death (and that was before we had lived in Florida and really gotten used to warmth). I do enjoy still being in Oregon during this seasonal change, but am already starting to miss our Florida home.

  2. Sorry for being so late catching up but wanted to thank you for linking these super photos with Today’s Flowers. All the fall colors and those pretty flowers are gorgeous, as is the scenery. I also enjoyed your cute little chipmunk and the grasshopper, not forgetting the sculpture. Thanks again and have a great weekend 🙂

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