End of summer colors

dsc_7034 dsc_7043 dsc_7045 dsc_7049 dsc_7067 dsc_7076 dsc_7089 dsc_7128

These were all taken at the Florida Botanical Gardens in late October. Some things were just starting to bloom and some things were starting to look tired.  The purple coneflower were all at the end of their season but red berries were sprouting up everywhere and bananas were growing in the fruit garden. Of course there’s always something growing in central Florida.

Random things at the Botanical Gardens


I think this little guy was chowing on a pine cone. He was high up in the tree.


Bug or bee?


Dragonfly with a frown on his face.


Tropical dogwood.


Teeny island in the creek.


Jump! I think he was sick. He was moving but didn’t jump and hide like he should have.


Lizard on a leaf.


Orange and pink.


Peaking out.


On the way home from the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, I passed this spoonbill in a ditch. I stopped and snapped a few pictures since I hadn’t seen one in a while.  He looks like a young one with that clean white face.

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