Color and babies

Random things at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.

There wasn’t many birds when I was there in late May. You can always find brown thrashers there but the kestral was the first time I had seen one here.

After leaving the botanical gardens, I headed over for a quick stop at Largo Nature Preserve to see how the flickers were doing. I got there right as Mom was feeding the babies. I love that flash of red on the back of Mom’s head.

Mom left and the babies kept poking their heads out of the hole. This was probably right before they fledged.They looked fully grown at this point.

The red bellied woodpecker was still hanging around the hole in the tree next door. They will probably nest later in the summer.

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What’s for breakfast?

This was probably one of the most well known holes back in early April. Word got out  pretty quickly about a pair of flickers nesting in a park in Largo. Such a tiny hole to have so many people staring at it. I got there early on a Saturday morning and there were already 10 photographers there. We all quietly stood there for about 30 minutes before one of the parents flew in.

She crept up slowly to the hole.

Out popped one of the babies and she fed it. At this point the babies were already looking like grown flickers. But, they were still acting like babies.

Only slightly zooming in, the nest was very visable.

Mom took off after feeding the first one. Then it was time to sit and wait another 30 minutes. Eventually she came back and two more popped out. There were 3 in all but I could never get a shot of all 3 out at the same time.

After waiting a while it was time for me to leave. Not before this little one popped out looking for Mom. He must have still been hungry. This was my first time seeing a flicker nest. I don’t see them that often in the area so it was fun watching them being fed.