A walk after work

Lots of turtles at Carillon Park. The ponds have sunning boards for the turtles to hang out on.

Magnolias along the boardwalk.

An ibis taking a bath. It was so hot I wanted to jump in with him.

A few bunnies along the trail.

Colors in the fountain.


I haven’t seen a lesser yellowlegs in a long time much less at this park.

A quick walk around a park nearby work before heading home in early May.

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More rainy day flower pictures

Pictures from a walk around the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo during a morning summer rain shower. Most people say the rain never lasts long in Florida in the summer but sometimes they last most of the day. This morning in August it rained all day. At least it wasn’t hot.

Standing under the gazebos looking across the pond.

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Duck, Duck, Goose


Wood duck hiding in the shade.


Ruddy duck floating around the lake. This guy should have gone north by now.


Powder puff head still cruising around the lake looking for handouts.


Interesting hybrid floating around.


The geese were watching me. Checking to see if I had any food.


The magnolias are out in full force.


Not sure what this tree is. It looks a bit like forsythia but aren’t those bushes?

Another walk around Lake Morton looking for baby animals. There were plenty of baby ducks but at this time in late April there were still no baby swans. I was finally able to get a swan family though in early May.


After work walk around Kapok Park

Spoonbill watching me.

Upside down butterfly.

The lake is full of turtles under the boardwalk. People feed them there so the turtles all look up waiting to be fed.

Still striving for that perfect magnolia picture.

At first I thought this was a mallard but on a closer look I wonder if it’s a non-breeding male wood duck. Or maybe a juvenile wood duck? There’s been a wood duck couple at the park for the last couple of years. I didn’t see any other ducks around and this one was pretty skittish. I took this from the boardwalk right before the sun went down. Based on the colors around his beak I was thinking it wasn’t a mallard after all. Any thoughts?

Soft shell turtle swimming under the boardwalk.