In Our Yard.

Late summer babies. Blondie came back in August with another new baby.

The usual critters in our yard during the past few months.

One day I came home from work and grabbed the mail from the mailbox that is on the side of our house next to the front door. This guy came out with the mail. I dropped the mail to the ground and was glad he didn’t land on me. I think I woke him up.

The muhly grass blooms pink in the fall. These started blooming in late October.

Different skies in the front and back yards.

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Summer critters on summer flowers

Lots of little critters buzzing around at Lettuce Lake in August.

Not many birds but I did see a juvenile northern parula and a red-eyed vireo.

This was the last time I saw the swallow-tail kites, in mid-August. One was flying over the boardwalk. They all left town to head south for the winter.

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A quiet moment in the woods





Critters at the park.


I was standing on the boardwalk looking for birds and heard a noise in the leaves. Thinking it was a squirrel, I didn’t look down right away. When I did, this was staring up at me.  She was so close I had to pull out my phone to take a picture.

dsc_7596 dsc_7599 dsc_7600 dsc_7601 dsc_7603 dsc_7605 dsc_7611

I stood there quietly and watched the deer roam around for a few minutes. The mom and older baby were having a bonding moment. They kept an eye on me but went about their day.

Chesnut Park on a Saturday morning in November.

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Fun things at Chesnut Park


Showing off his snack.


An eagle was sitting high up in a pine tree right over my head.


It’s always fun to watch the birds swaying on the reeds.






Other things I found growing around the park including the pink lichen on the tree.

DSC_3336One of the resident gators.


Dark clouds started moving in as I was across the park. I was heading back to my car when it started sprinkling. Luckily, I had my little umbrella in my backpack so I pulled it out and headed back to the parking lot.  Halfway back to my car the bottom fell out. When I came out of the trail and into the parking lot, people were sitting in their cars watching me as I walked across with my tiny umbrella.  I completely soaked from the waist down. At least it cooled off.

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In the backyard – Skywatch Friday


A great egret sitting on our dock. Taken through the bedroom window.


Our neighborhood osprey showed up in late August after being gone for 5 months. He must have had a late nest. He usually disappears in February or early March and is back visiting by end of June. I finally was able to get a shot of him trying to eat a fish on our neighbor’s dock. Taken through the bedroom window.


He would take a bite and then look around and take a bite and look around. He sure was paranoid.


Cool spider on my in-laws wall.


He was crawling close to the roof.


Palm tree in the backyard.


I got home right when it stopped raining one night after work. The sun was trying to peak out as the clouds moved through so I ran out in the backyard and snapped this with my phone.

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Random things at the Botanical Gardens


I think this little guy was chowing on a pine cone. He was high up in the tree.


Bug or bee?


Dragonfly with a frown on his face.


Tropical dogwood.


Teeny island in the creek.


Jump! I think he was sick. He was moving but didn’t jump and hide like he should have.


Lizard on a leaf.


Orange and pink.


Peaking out.


On the way home from the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, I passed this spoonbill in a ditch. I stopped and snapped a few pictures since I hadn’t seen one in a while.  He looks like a young one with that clean white face.

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