In the backyard – Skywatch Friday


A great egret sitting on our dock. Taken through the bedroom window.


Our neighborhood osprey showed up in late August after being gone for 5 months. He must have had a late nest. He usually disappears in February or early March and is back visiting by end of June. I finally was able to get a shot of him trying to eat a fish on our neighbor’s dock. Taken through the bedroom window.


He would take a bite and then look around and take a bite and look around. He sure was paranoid.


Cool spider on my in-laws wall.


He was crawling close to the roof.


Palm tree in the backyard.


I got home right when it stopped raining one night after work. The sun was trying to peak out as the clouds moved through so I ran out in the backyard and snapped this with my phone.

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12 thoughts on “In the backyard – Skywatch Friday

  1. Fantastic view of the sky and reflections in your water scene, I can’t imagine that in my backyard. My husband wants to know if there are alligators. So cool to be able to photograph egrets and osprey from your house too! I enjoy looking up insects, closest I could find was a Giant Leaf-footed Stink bug.

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