A squirrel and a frog


Not sure what this warbler is. Too pale to be a yellow warbler. Could be a first year of some type? No real markings on it.


It was the only warbler I saw that morning at the end of September.


The catbirds are back for the winter. I’ve been seeing them everywhere in the last 2 weeks.


The most exciting thing I saw. A squirrel eating a pine cone.


Looks like he’s eating corn on the cob the way that he’s holding that pine cone.


This flew very high up over my head. Someone yelled out that is was a peregrine falcon. If so, it’s a first sighting for me (or at least a blurry one from far away).


Before leaving the park I headed to the bathroom. I’m usually pretty good about looking around for snakes or spiders in park restrooms. Don’t want to get bit on the bottom. I didn’t even notice this guy until I turned around to flush. Of course I pulled out my phone and took the above picture.

It was a beautiful morning but a little disappointing in the way of birds. If the highlight is a squirrel and frog, it’s a slow morning. But, the weather was perfect and I got a good walk in.

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  1. The warbler is pretty! And the squirrel shots are cute! Congrats on the Peregrine sighting.. Dina, thank you for linking up. Have a happy weekend!

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