On the beach at Fort Desoto


A regular on the beach. About a year ago, this oystercatcher had some fishing line wrapped around his leg and was cutting off the circulation. Someone took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook and a team of people were able to catch him and get the line off. You can still see the ring around his leg just above his foot.


Not a regular but a once in a while visitor, the piping plover.


The great blue heron kept walking back and forth right behind this guy and kept getting closer. We finally got his attention and told him to turn around. By then the heron was too close for him to even get a shot.

Someone on the beach told me this was a merlin. He was across the  marsh so this is extremely cropped. It could also be a cooper’s hawk. Anyone know which?


A kingfisher flew over my head with a fish stuck on his beak. She took off into the woods to enjoy her snack alone.

A juvenile night heron has a crab.


Oh no, he dropped it.


He got it back quickly.


And gulped it down fast before it could get away again.

A quiet but perfect morning in mid-September at Fort Desoto.

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17 thoughts on “On the beach at Fort Desoto

  1. I agree – a perfect morning! and the photos are really great. My favorite would also be the kingfisher in flight but they are all beautiful.

  2. Wonderful lunch-time shots of the birds — your flight shots are amazing. The man so oblivious to the perfect photo op made me laugh (I should feel more sympathy for him because I’d probably be in the same boat, but I still laughed!)

  3. Great bird captures. We had a great blue heron come visit us at the cabin this week. He walked the floating logs around our cabin fishing for the little fish underneath.

  4. Love the young blue heron with his crab! So funny about the adult being right behind that photographer with his big lens! 🙂 Also, so sad about the oystercatcher, but I’m happy people were able to help get the line off his leg. It looks ok now!

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