A quiet moment in the woods





Critters at the park.


I was standing on the boardwalk looking for birds and heard a noise in the leaves. Thinking it was a squirrel, I didn’t look down right away. When I did, this was staring up at me.  She was so close I had to pull out my phone to take a picture.

dsc_7596 dsc_7599 dsc_7600 dsc_7601 dsc_7603 dsc_7605 dsc_7611

I stood there quietly and watched the deer roam around for a few minutes. The mom and older baby were having a bonding moment. They kept an eye on me but went about their day.

Chesnut Park on a Saturday morning in November.

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4 thoughts on “A quiet moment in the woods

  1. How wonderful, Dina…we love to see deer here, too. I’m very impressed with your bee photo. We face an unknown future if all the bees die. Sad to contemplate, isn’t it?
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  2. Hello, love the flowers and insects. The deer are my favorite, cute critters. Great series of photos.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy weekend to you!

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