Aldridge Gardens

Just a few of the beautiful flowers we found at Aldridge Gardens in Birmingham during my visit with my sister. The weather was too beautiful to do anything indoors so we did a quick walk around the gardens before heading to lunch.

They had bee hives with glass sides. It was really cool to see inside the hive, watching the thousands of bees working.

Some of the critters around the lake. More to come on the gardens.

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Here comes the sun



I knew it was going to be a good morning when I walked out on the trail at Circle B Bar Reserve at 8am and this was the view.

img_0744 img_0739 img_0735

I had not been out here since May so it was great to get out and walk around without it being terribly hot.




The trails were quiet except for the birds making noise. The limpkins and phoebes were loud. It felt like a lot more moss had grown on trees.


A very large bee hive right on the trail.

I only had my 300mm lens with me so all of these were taken with my Iphone.  That bee hive was so close that I would have only gotten an inch of it with my longer lens.  I’m looking forward to lots of long walks here this winter.

SkyWatch Friday

Nothing new at Circle B Bar Reserve


Limpkin scratching.


Green heron doing his “I’m a statue” imitation.


Pied grebes are everywhere. This one did not seem very skittish. He stayed close to the trail as we walked by.


Blue-gray gnatcatchers were all over the trails.


Typical great blue heron in the moss shot.


The only alligator I saw that morning.


I noticed this big bee hive up in the trees.

Mid-December was pretty quiet. I walked the trails at Circle B Bar Reserve on a cloudy windy morning. Most of December started out cloudy or foggy in the mornings. Same old stuff on the trails. I was hoping to spot a painted bunting or bobcat but still no luck. Even the alligator sightings were disappointing. The white pelicans were gone but I did see a few flying overhead in the distance. Maybe my luck will turn around in the new year and I’ll finally see that bobcat.

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