A 3 park morning.

It was early December and I was ready for another morning out with my camera. My first stop was the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. I ended up only taking a few pictures while I was there. I was busy looking for birds of which I found none.

I left the gardens and stopped at nearby McGough Park to see if there were any birds there. No birds but a lot of other critters. The bees have taken over this owl nest box.

A few of the turtles in the turtle pond.

Some of the permanently injured animals that live here (the nature center here houses animals that cannot be released back into the wild). Both owls had injured eyes.

On the way home I stopped at the Largo Nature Preserve and did find a few birds here.  You can usually find limpkins along the boardwalk here and they are use to people walking by. This one was sitting on the railing and made no attempt to move as I walked by. This is not cropped.

Not surprised to find the usual birds here. A blue gray gnatcatcher, a black and white warbler and a yellow rumped warbler.

Another usual bird, a pine warbler, was pigging out on caterpillars. He ate several while I was snapping and I was lucky enough for him to show them to me.

6 thoughts on “A 3 park morning.

  1. Hello,
    Beautiful flowers and I love all the birds. The warblers are some of my favorites and I love the owl photo. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  2. I have such a time trying to ID the warblers. I know we have a lot of Palm Warblers and Pines but it’s hard to always know which is which. You had a good outing. It’s so nice to have so many places to go here in Florida. Enjoy your weekend. It’s cold here today!

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