Aldridge Gardens

Just a few of the beautiful flowers we found at Aldridge Gardens in Birmingham during my visit with my sister. The weather was too beautiful to do anything indoors so we did a quick walk around the gardens before heading to lunch.

They had bee hives with glass sides. It was really cool to see inside the hive, watching the thousands of bees working.

Some of the critters around the lake. More to come on the gardens.

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8 thoughts on “Aldridge Gardens

  1. Such great close-ups of the flowers. Never gets old. And how precious to see that little turtle hanging out with a big brother (or sister).

  2. Once upon a time…long, long ago…I was sent to interview a beekeeper and ‘meet’ his bees. I was not impressed with the assignment, but I was very impressed with the beekeeper and his honey bees. ‘A day in the life’ which I’ll always remember!
    Thanks for all of your photos here.
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  3. There is a turtle crossing sign on one of the roads we travel frequently, but I’ve yet to see a turtle sunning itself on the log snags or crossing the road. – Margy

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