Early morning on the pier

It was early March and too nice outside to be inside so I headed over to nearby Oldsmar pier to sit for a while. When I first got there the eagle was sitting high up in the pine tree. He left pretty quickly and then made several passes over the pier.

The tide was low and left a small sandy spot in between the mangroves. I was watching this cute dog find a stick and then turn around and show it to his human before heading in the water with it. I’m not sure if he was saying “Dad, look what I found” or “Dad, can I play with this stick”.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone catch a fish here.

The crab trapper guy was closer to the pier this morning. It’s fun to watch the pelicans follow him, hoping for a free handout. I was recently going through some old pictures, cleaning out files and saw that I had taken pictures of him in 2015 from Philippe Park. This guy has been doing it for a while. It would be a nice side gig but I’m not sure how many crabs he gets in this northern part of the bay. I wonder if he needs a helper. I would do it for free a few times. To sit out in the boat with the pelicans in the early morning would be great.


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8 thoughts on “Early morning on the pier

  1. I love seeing eagles! They are so majestic! The pelicans were hoping that fisherman would share a fish with them 🙂

  2. Hello :=)
    I enjoyed seeing your photos of the pelicans, Bald Eagles are always a treat to see. The dogs look happy, and it must be worth the Fisherman’s while to keep fishing in this spot for so many years..

  3. That sounds like a perfect Winter Day in Florida! Aren’t we lucky! I bet the crab-trap guy would be glad for the company and help…you’d get some fun pictures.~ But you already did. Wonderful Eagle shots.

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