Finding Nemo

Or “Blurry fish behind really thick glass.”  I took these all in “Auto with no flash” mode since I didn’t have a tripod and I didn’t want to use flash.  If you use flash you will just get a big bright white blob on in the picture from the reflection of the flash. So the easiest “cheat” way to do it is Auto with no flash.  The hardest shots to get are of the fish in the round exhibits since the round thick glass makes it much harder to get a clear shot. It was a fun morning to walk around in the Florida Aquarium in Tampa.  Too hot to be outside.

An overdue visit to Sunken Gardens.

Upclose with flamingos.

Butterflies buzzing around the pretty flowers.

Super sized fish.

A few of the plants at the gardens.

Sunken Gardens is a 4 acre 100-year-old botanical garden near downtown St. Petersburg and one of the oldest roadside tourist attractions in the country.  The gardens are located in what was a small lake 10 feet below sea level which is where it got the name. I hadn’t been in nearly 10 years and it’s so close so I thought I’d stopped in one morning for a quick walk.  Since it was the end of summer, there weren’t a lot of flowers blooming but the gardens was a tropical oasis once you got inside. A handful of flamingos live there as well. It was a great little walk but so hot.  My next trip will be in the winter.

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Another episode of “Being a Tourist on the Beach”

img_1184 img_1193 img_1200 img_1204






I rarely go to Clearwater Beach anymore.  It’s very crowded and cost a fortune to park, if you can get a parking spot. Although, it is fun to go over every once in while to see what’s going on.  Right after I picked up my sister from the airport we headed over to the beach to walk around. She had not been in several years.  We were hoping to get a good sunset but dark clouds had moved in.  I guess the weather had kept most people indoors because it wasn’t too crowded the Tuesday before Christmas. It was fun walking around the beach and marina.

SkyWatch Friday

Lots of 4 legged critters

dsc_0502 dsc_0504 dsc_0505 dsc_0508

As I was driving into Circle B Bar Reserve early in the morning, I saw a wild hog family. The little piglets look so cute when they are young.  I stopped the car and rolled down the window and they took off into the brush.


Little bunny.







Turtles were everywhere.


And a big fish!  Is he coming up for air?

Lots of fun critters at Circle B Bar Reserve.

One last look at the summer baby skimmers

DSC_4044 DSC_4048 DSC_4049 DSC_4064 DSC_4069DSC_4077

This little skimmer was just figuring out what those wings and beak were for.



There were still a few babies that hadn’t not made it to the shoreline yet. They were still sticking close to mom.


This skimmer was missing a foot.



A few adults were taking a bath.



This young one was just starting to fly.


Right next to the skimmers, this guy caught this fish.

Now all the baby skimmers are grown up and gone. Off to conquer the world!

A rare hybrid and the usual birds at Fort Desoto.

dsc_5272 dsc_5267

A reddish egret hanging around the fishing pier.




This is the rare hybrid that was seen recently hanging around the fishing pier. Local experts say it’s a cross between  a great blue heron and a great egret. He’s got a great blue heron beak and body but legs of a great egret. I found him pretty easily right on the pier, looking for a handout like the other birds.


Great blue heron portrait.


An osprey flying by.


This snowy egret has found a good perch.


Someone caught a big one.



It’s always fun to guess where these big ships are going.