Chilly bike ride

It was a little chilly in early March (meaning 60 degrees) and I decided to bundle up and go out for a bike ride on my favorite cow pasture trail. There were a few cows near the trail but the almost grown calves were far back.

This time the turkeys were fairly close to the fence. Tom was really showing off for the ladies. The ladies were ignoring him.

A kildeer was cruising along one of the ponds.

This was an interesting grasshopper. Not the usual lubber but I’m not sure what kind.

Blooming along the trail.

I found a big invasive rosary pea plant near the beginning of the trail. Most of the pods had opened up and revealed the bright red seeds. These seeds are highly toxic to humans and many domestic animals but birds can eat them without any problems. I’ve read that one seed can kill a horse or cow and this plant was right along the cow pasture with a horse barn on the other side. I’m surprised they haven’t pulled this out.

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5 thoughts on “Chilly bike ride

  1. What a nice bike ride! Even if a bit chilly.

    All the photographs are a wonderful indication that Spring is in progress. Love the turkey flock.

    Your grasshopper is called American Grasshopper, Bird Grasshopper and/or American Bird Grasshopper (Schistocerca americana). Handsome critter.

  2. I like how well the grasshopper camouflages and looks like blades of dry grass. And, wow, who would guess the pretty red berry would harm cattle and humans but not a bird.

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