The sea fog rolling in.

I love being out in the fog so when I peaked out the window in mid-February I got ready quickly and headed out the door for a walk on the Dunedin causeway. It kept getting foggier as the morning went on. I guess the sea fog was rolling in. The tide was super low which made it even cooler.

I had my camera in the car so I pulled it out to get some shots of the oystercatcher couple that was feeding along the causeway. Someone walked up behind me and spooked them to fly to the other side of the causeway.

A few of the other birds included a sanderling, a snowy egret, a marbled godwit and a young ring billed gull feasting on a dead fish.

Later I saw the oystercatchers again and snapped a few more pictures before leaving. They seemed to be having a lot of luck with whatever they were eating (tiny crabs?).

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8 thoughts on “The sea fog rolling in.

  1. You do such a great job photographing birds (and you do a great job on shots that don’t have birds also).

  2. Wow! I would love the low tide, but not the fog so much. And I hate when other people spook the shorebirds, but gosh that gave you a wonderful flight shot of the Oystercatcher. All your birds are wonderful. I was surprised it was you when I saw the thumbnail on SWF! Sure glad it made me curious enough to come see you (I would have eventually anyway of course — you’re on my list!) Thanks for the great birds.

  3. What beautiful photos! We just went out in the foggy mist to take photos yesterday as I too enjoy the moodiness of photos taken in the fog. I love the variety of birds you found.

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