White pelicans in St. Pete

I wasn’t surprised to see white pelicans at North Shore Park in St. Pete in late December. They usually spend the winter somewhere around the park although it’s hit or miss to catch them right in front of the beach. They cruise around the area and sometimes hang out far into the channels in the neighborhoods nearby. I had stopped by for a quick walk and ended up going back to my car and getting my camera. They were standing right there in pelican leg high water.

Turning around to leave, I could see an osprey sitting up on the lights.

Sometimes you just have to stop and watch the boats go by.

There were lots of little shorebirds along the beach. I then decided to stop by nearby Crescent Lake Park on the way home.

Right in the middle of the lake at the park were 3 lone pelicans. I have seen them here before as well but they were all swimming separately. I wonder if they originally came with the beach group and somehow got separated.

I spent some time trying to catch this osprey diving for fish but he was just too far across the lake and he kept missing.

5 thoughts on “White pelicans in St. Pete

  1. It sure is fun to get out and see the unexpected…that’s one of the great things about living in Florida. We saw brown pelicans and a few white one yesterday on the Gulf coast. But it was the Cormorants that were there by the hundreds! Always something. Love your photos! I love the elegance of the Osprey!

  2. I remember pelicans from my childhood, and they were quite amazing to find at the lake near us. For some reason as a child, I always thought of them as the ugly bird. Very nice photos.

  3. Hello Dina, :=) Great sightings of the Osprey, and there were signs of a nest, but too small for the osprey, I suspect. I loved all the many shore birds you saw and of course your beautiful shots of the Pelicans.

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