Shorebirds at the beach

These birds are not social distancing even outside. There were so many crammed into this tiny spit at low tide. Mostly terns and gulls in the front but all of the brown in the far back were red knots.

There were lots of different shorebirds early in November at Fort Desoto. Several times something spooked them and most of them took off.

I turned around and saw these marbled godwits fighting.

Willets and dowitchers on the shoreline on Outback Key.

A great egret came in for a landing right in front of me.

One of my favorite spots at the north beach.

A storm was moving in so it was time to go home.

My Corner of the World

Birds on the beach at Fort Desoto


A ruddy turnstone staring at me.


The usual oystercatcher walking along the water.


A willet walking by.


These godwits and willets were trying to sleep in the water.


I tried not to wake anyone up. They looked so peaceful.




The above are all black bellied plovers hanging around the marsh.


A sandwich tern fly by.

A handful of shorebirds that were hanging out at Fort Desoto in late September.

Saturday's Critters

Don’t let the sun go down on me – Skywatch Friday






Except when I’m at Fort De Soto. Best place to see the sunset. It was a beautiful Sunday night in early November. On the way down, I stopped at Aunt Lena’s place. She is hubby’s 86-year-old aunt.  We keep an eye on her and I brought a late lunch for us to eat together since hubby had to work that afternoon. I headed over to the park around 4pm and it was a perfect late afternoon. Not too hot and beautiful skies. Right before sunset I headed over to the fishing pier and people were already lining up on the grass next to the pier with their chairs and picnic baskets. It was a perfect night.

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