Nature at the house

A few of the birds that visited our backyard in the recent months. A little blue heron on our dock, a great blue heron on our neighbor’s completed demolished dock (after Hurricane ETA), and the phoebe on our fence. I see the little phoebe almost every day. Maybe because I don’t have dogs he looks for his meals here. He eats flying insects instead of seed so he doesn’t visit my feeder.

The starlings have a nest on my neighbor’s boat lift.

An osprey sitting our a  neighbor’s sailboat mast.

We usually get spotted sandpipers in the winter. They hang out in the muck at low tide.

A few creepy visitors include a mangrove crab and a spiny orb.

Squirrels constantly run across our screened porch which is cute but long term they pull out the screen and tear it up so sometimes we yell at them to get off.

A rainbow in the front yard.

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3 thoughts on “Nature at the house

  1. Seeng the Eastern Phoebe reminds me that it won’t be long before we are seeing them back here in Ontario. It is such a delightful little bird that is never reluctant to build its nest near to humans. Great series of birds you cover in this post.

  2. How awesome to be at home and see all of this fabulous nature!! Thanks for sharing your snaps, even if the orb spider is rather creepy.

    I’m glad to see you this week at ‘My Corner of the World’!

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